Friday July 29th

10:00 - Midnight Liberation Movement

08:00 - 09:30 PM The Lambsbread

06:30 - 07:30 PM CoLoSo

05:00 - 06:00 PM Iron Prophecy 

04:00 - 05:00 PM James E Greeley

03:00 - 04:00 PM Opening Ceremony w/ Dog Butte Singers

Between Sets -  DJ Stage - Bloodshot Riddims

Saturday July 30th

10:45 - Midnight Marlon Asher

09:00 - 10:15 PM Prezident Brown

07:30 - 08:30 PM Reemah

05:45 - 07:00 PM White Stone Showcase

  w/ Jubba White,  Arron Nigel Smith and Kava Jah

05:15 - O5:45 PM Yankuik Ohtli ( DJ Stage)

03:25 - 05:15 PM 4Word Band w/ Ras Gabriel, Irae Divine and Bandon

03:00 - O3:25 PM Yankuik Ohtli ( DJ Stage)

02:00 - 03:00 PM Pedro World Citizen

12:40 - 01:40 PM Lion Of Judah Band

11:20 - 12:20 PM Dub Lounge International

10:30  - 11:00 AM Opening Ceremony w/ Dog Butte Singers 

Between Sets -  DJ Stage - Bloodshot Riddims


LATE NIGHT DJ Both nights with Bloodshot Riddims



Friday - July 29

Liberation Movement

Liberation Movement is The Dawn Of A Musical Revolution • Founded by Resurrector of Heavyweight Dub Champion and with a revolving cast of amazing musicians from around the world they are Fusing Ancient Technology with Modern Ritual in the Creation of a New Communal Rite! Using sound and music to Liberate consciousness and retune the Human Being A musical template for human awakening and empowerment. Invoking Truth to pierce through Illusion. They have been working hard in the studio and we are Blessed to be hosting them this year for one of their first live gigs in the last 2 years!! This will be a show not to be missed.

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The Lambsbread

The Lambsbread is one of the foundational roots reggae artists' of Hawaii. Delivering a positive message of love & unity, The Lambsbread is known around the world for their conscious message. Truly a musical family group of two generations of musicians. Formed in 2003, they have spent many years working with many of the world renowned reggae artists on both live shows and on their own album releases. THE LAMBSBREAD’s most recent album “WORLD NEEDS LOVE” is an essential album bound in positivity, reality, and livity. Each album has had a unique and original vibration and their fifth release is a natural progression. They have been in the studio reading their 6th album with the release of the first single “ Pass me The Fire” and  the second “Lock Down”.  Produced by Jubba White the third single “Nah Stop Chant” featuring Mykal Rose” has a heavy Dub feel.  We are looking forward to a wonderful set of island vibes!

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Collection Of Lone Souljahs

COLOSO - Collection of Lone Souljahs is just that: a group of talented musicians who met while playing their own individual solo acts in Vancouver, WA. Coloso brings the island sunshine to brighten any room, and they never fail to deliver a smile to your face.  After last year's amazing set we had to invite them back for 2022!                        

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Iron Prophecy

Iron Prophecy is welcomed to the NWRRF family. Born from all walks of life, brought together in one corner of the globe to spread the love of reggae music back outward to the world. Iron Prophecy brings a Roots Reggae vibe to the stage, seeded with a deep lyrical message about love and unity. Headed up by front man and guitarist Ras Reggae, with backing vocals and keys from The Bubble Queen, Angelikeys. Sitting deep in the pocket is Mad Chad bassie and drummie, Iric. Iron Prophecy is making big moves this summer and blessing up the scene with their militant roots reggae sound.

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James Edmund Greeley

James Edmund Greeley has opened up our event with a Northwest Native Ceremony and has become one of the high points of our event for many years. We are so pleased that James can return with us again this year to set a spiritual vibration for this event. He will also do a set of his award winning music (Best Traditional Recording at the 2017 Native Music Awards) on his wide array of handmade flutes. A member of The Warm Springs tribe, we are blessed to have him with us again this year. He will have a booth so please stop by and take home some of his music and art with U.


Saturday July 30  

Marlon Asher

Marlon "Ganja Farmer" Asher    NWWRF 2022 is blessed to have Marlon Asher with us this year. Know for his international hit "Ganja Farmer", he has been a mainstay of the Roots Reggae movement for many years!  He is the pioneer of the Trinidadian reggae movement with his first song, the 2006 released  "Ganja Farmer". The hit song sparked controversy in his country despite being a world wide runaway hit that has been spreading his music throughout the world. About Ganja Farmer he said: “Putting aside the fact that herb is life and everything else about that, when you think about the work and money a man puts into his field and then see it being burnt, it's not easy. My music is not about promoting hate and violence, it's about uplifting people. I may not be able to change the world, but I can lead people into thinking differently about life and living with each other " 

Born in Enterpriser, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago Marlon, in his youth, was a member of the Mount Ararat Spiritual Baptist Church Choir and later he embraced the Rasta faith. He has released more than 7 albums including 2019’s Rebirth and he has been in the studio this year with a new album to drop soon! He has been bring his positive voice and touring the world with many of biggest reggae artists and current reggae groups including this year Slightly Stupid Tour! (see Youtube video below) We are very Blessed to have him as our Co-Headliner this year!

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Prezident Brown

Prezident Brown, born Fitz Albert Cotterell, has been called, “one of the most interesting cultural dee-jays since U Roy”. Emphasizing positive messages, Prezident Brown has continued to pioneer his own direction, developing his own approach to dee-jaying that he calls, “The chanting stylee”. Born to a Seventh Day Adventist family in Colonel Ridge, Clarendon, Jamaica,  Prezident Brown grew up in the small town of Oracabessa in the Parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. Prezident Brown launched his musical career at the age of fourteen, when he began dee-jaying for the Sound King Stereo Mix at the Bamboo Lounge. He has been spreading his positive message to the world ever since. Repeatedly crowned Most Conscious Artist by the Jamaican federation of musicians, Prezident Brown is an artist driven by a sense of mission and purpose which dictates that he "edutains" (heightens the consciousness of a people) as much as entertains. Prezident Brown is eminently qualified for the role in which he is seen as a vessel from which flows the healing effect of his musical staple. With more than 12 recordings and 1000,s of live shows including our very first Northwest World Reggae Festival in 2005, we are blessed to have him once again be with us at a new venue as our 2022 Co-Headliner!

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Reemah, hailing from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, has been encouraging all those that listen with a powerful, and spiritually uplifting message through music.  Having always been passionate about stimulating the mind and soul, Reemah has been planting the seeds of a divine flame, bringing awareness through her musical offerings, which serves as social commentary wrapped in an unapologetic yet sweetly satisfying package As a performer, Reemah has been described as a captivating artist with a striking command and stage presence.  Her messages are keen and her lyrics are absolutely brilliant.  She is a gifted songwriter who effortlessly combines the depth and essence of conscious Reggae with a style that she has harnessed and made her own. Reemah's debut album, Check Your Words, was released in July 2012, setting the airwaves ablaze with a conscious and feminine fervor. Reemah’s masterfully crafted sophomore album, Breaking News, was released in July 2018.  With heavy hitters such as ‘Crowns Upon Your Head’, ‘Give Thanks Everyday’, and ‘Warn Dem’, this album proves to be another rootical gem of spiritual rousing, balancing, and awakening. Her newest single 'Everbless'  was released on  July 23, 2021, produced by Dean Pond of Rymshot Productions and the late Drew Keys.  After her powerful set at last year's event we had to bring her back for 2022. She is one of the most powerful voices in Reggae and we are blessed to have here this year.

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Jubba White & White Stone Showcase

Jubba White as a founding member and drummer for one of our favorite groups-  DUB TONIC KRU - and the creator of White Stone Productions which he started in 2012 when he moved to Portland, Oregon, Jubba has brought not only his musical talent to our stage but has also introduce us to many new artist that he brings to showcase their own talent. He not only does live showcases but has been producing many artists for the production company.  “I love working with unique sounds and blending voices. My friends and colleagues are from across the globe and music is my favorite way to bring them together.”  he recently told Sista Ire of Majestic Media. 

​​Born in the rural area of May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica,  Jubba learned to sing and play drums in church, where his mother was a foundation member and sang in the choir. Jubba was first to enroll in the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (Kingston), and began studies in Caribbean, Latin American, and Jazz music. In 1998, Jubba and some bandmates became the personal support band for Bushman, and in 1999, for Junior Kelly. Between 2002 - 2003, Jubba, Stone and Winta James embarked on a new journey. This became the foundation of Dubtonic Kru. They recorded dub instrumentals with spoken words leading to the release of singles ‘Trap’ ‘Ocean Blue’ and ‘Back to Africa in 2006. The full-length album entitled Jungle Fever was released in 2008 and in 2010, the album ‘‘Dub Tonic’ was released. They toured the world for many years.  As White Stone Productions, Jubba has produced many releases  including, “In Our America” by Aaron Nigel Smith. The album entered the Billboard Chart at #1 in March, 2019. To date, Jubba has produced three major projects promoting a blend of talented voices including Tantrum Riddim, No Disturbance Riddim, and Sweet Reggae Music riddim along with many singles and projects too numerous to mention. In 2020 he worked with Mighty Diamonds,  Aaron Nigel Smith, Honey B, I-Taweh, Kristine Alicia, Jahricio, Jah Guidance, Katteye, Covi and Kava Jah to produce Freedom’ *(The Declaration of Rights) and has continued to record and tour as one of the most talented drummers in reggae today.

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Aaron Nigel Smith

Aaron Nigel Smith will be performing as part of the White Stone Productions set with Jubba White. Aaron is a Grammy nominated recording artist for best Children's Album  “One World Tribe” in 2021 and a music educator thru his nonprofit One World Chorus and at the Ivy School, a tuition-free, publicly funded Montessori school in North Portland, Oregon. His song “In Our American”, produce by Jubba White entered the Billboard charts at #1 in 2019. He has been performing for many years as both a writer of children's songs and also for a more adult reggae audience. We are blessed to have his positive energy of love and empowerment.

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Kava Jah

Kava Jah will be performing as part of the White Stone Productions set. Born Junior Johnson, in Cumberland, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, he is a reggae artist who writes, sings, and chants his own lyrics in his own style. Born into a family with musical roots, Kava Jah's father Levi Johnson was a teacher of music at the Spalding's Comprehensive High School and choir master in the church. Kava Jah started playing music around the age of ten practicing on his father's instruments and soon found his love for the guitar. After winning the award in 2007 for most disciplined artist by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Popular Song competition he began working with Gumption Music Production out of Kingston, Jamaica creating, recording, and preparing to tour. In 2012 Kava Jah joined the I-Kronik band as lead singer and songwriter and began to tour internationally. Since leaving the band, Kava Jah has been manifesting his solo career, pushing the limits of his lyrical talents and musical capabilities preparing to release his debut solo album. Recently, Kava Jah released a music video for his new single 'Danger Zone.' Kava Jah is a dynamic artist both on and off the stage, spotlighting his unique acoustic performances.

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Ras Gabriel & The 4word Band

Ras Gabriel has been playing roots reggae music for nearly 20 years. With a "sing-jay" style vocal and traditional reggae drum and bass, Ras Gabriel leads the 4Word band across the Universe. Ras Gabriel has played keyboard for The Meditations, Mark Wonder, Rocker T., The Lambsbread,and Jus Goodi. Residing most of his life in Hawaii, now based in Santa Cruz California, Ras Gabriel also lives the ALOHA! He and the band always looks forward to lifting up the vibes with reggae music. Positive ! One Love!   

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Irae Divine is back with us this year backed by the 4Word band! She is a rising star amongst conscious female reggae vocalists having backed many world renowned artists and as well as being a dynamic singer songwriter in her own right! She is the Empress SouLJah of Rastafari, singing both conscious roots reggae and love songs buoyed by her lilting high voice and deep bass grooves.

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Bondon - Bondon Prayer will also be a part of teh 4Word Showcase. He is an original reggae hip hop artist that has been performing for 15 years. Based out of Williams Oregon, Bondon sings for the love of music and his people. His songs reflect his surroundings and the positive influence from his elders and peers. He has opened up for artists like Richie Spice, Akae Beka, Reemah, and Ras Attitude. He has collaborations with Messinjah Selah and Jah Dan. His songs speak of his vision to unify people and fight for justice and equality . He puts a lot of energy and love into his music and feels it is a way to connect to the spiritual.


Pedro World Citizen

Pedro World Citizen encourages people of all cultures to collaborate for the greater good of humanity. Pedro, with a soulful message and a world reggae sound, calls on all people of all cultures to work together for the greater good of humanity. Planet Earth, “our common home,” should transcend geographical boundaries and borders under a single banner: World Citizen, our human right. Pedro’s music is a genuine celebration of love and life. During performances, an acacia table is used to create a small sacred space on stage. It has a water bowl, a candle, burning incense, and a loaf of bread on it. “Water reflects the infinite abundance of our offering and what we cultivate through the intention of our hearts. A lit candle illuminates our life’s purpose, guiding and reminding us of who we truly are. Incense burning inspires us to elevate every word, thought, and action. Bread is a symbol of unity, representing the oneness of life and coexistence.” We are blessed to once again have his healing energy at our event again this year.

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Lion Of Judah Band

Lion Of Judah Band are a diverse group of Singers and Players of Instruments hailing from the Virgin Islands, Ethiopia, and the Pacific Northwest region of Washington state (USA). Our music consists of a blend of classic Ska, Dancehall, Calypso, and Roots Reggae fused in a uniquely modern style. Whether a Cover tune or Original creation, you will find that our Music is designed to make you Dance and have a Good time. We are very happy to have them back on our stage again this year.

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Dub Lounge International

Dub Lounge International is based out of Seattle, Washington, the band play roots reggae and dub with a heavy focus on live improvisation. Dub Lounge International pays homage to the traditional forms of roots reggae, rocksteady, and dub as it was originally played and heard. DLI's blend of organic roots fulfills fans of all traditional Jamaican music genres. Dub Lounge International was originally formed in 2001 as a backing band for the legendary Winston "Flames" Jarrett under the name Solid Foundation. New music is in the works and the band is committed as ever to spreading the healing vibes of roots reggae and dub as one of the Northwest’s premier reggae bands . We are very happy to have them open up Saturday with a great set to get the music following thru the new venue.

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All Weekend

Illuminated Fools Giant Puppets

Illuminated Fools Giant Puppets will be with us all weekend bring their one of a kind Reggae Vibe to our event. All 12 of their new 10 foot or taller puppets will be on site with us all weekend providing love and rasta vibes to young and old. We are so stoked to have them with us for 2022



Weekend DJ Crew Late Night and Between Sets 

BloodShot Riddims Crew

BloodShot Riddims Crew once again this year will bring the heat to the event both nights after the bands and between sets all weekend long. We are super blessed to have this crew to represent Oregon and Roots Reggae!!


On Saturday Afternoon

Yankuik Ohtli

Yankuik Ohtli  A local Aztec dance group will be doing 2 set breaks on Saturday July 30th at the DJ Stage. If U have never experienced this type of performance, U are in for a delight to all your senses!  


Opening Ceremony by

Dog Butte Singers

Dog Butte Singers from Simnasho Oregon - Warm Springs native drum and singers. This group is from the Warm Spring Reservation here in Oregon. We are very blessed to have them with us to bring our event into harmony with our world! They will open both days for us this year.


Weekend MC


I-chele has been with us from the beginning as both  performer and MC. We are so blessed to have her bring her musical reggae knowledge and  beloved spirit to our stage again this year.